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True Ghost Stories    
Title   Author
Ghost nudist at Glasgow Necropolis   Sam Gault

It was a cold autumnal night - I had spent the evening at the camera club discussing methods of taking and faking photographs - it was generally agreed that it was impossible to create a ghost that would hold up under strict scrutiny. Thirsty by the conversation I headed the local pub, the Saracen Head, near the Barras. It was about nine when I got there so there was not a huge amount of drinking time left - so when I left the pub at midnight I was still feeling rather thirsty - luckily I had my hip flask with me!

To save time, I took a shortcut across the graveyard as I had done countless times. As I climbed the slope to the higher level, I began to feel oozy. Fortunately there was a tombstone nearby and I rested against that - taking a few slugs from the flask to bring me round.

I must have fallen asleep, for the next thing I new I was feeling bitterly cold. I tried to stand up but somehow I seemed to be pinned to the ground.

That is when I spotted the most incredible sight! Right in front of me ghostly spirits began to climb out of the tombs and what was more amazing - they were all naked!!

Once more I tried to move but was rooted to the spot. The nude ghosts meanwhile we laughing and playing around the gravestone - oblivious to my presence. They seemed to be having fun, just like youngsters on a nudist beach - it was as if they did not realize that they were dead!!

Fortunately I had the presence of mind to take some photographs which clearly show two girls and a boy converting about nude in the cemetery.

I was enthralled watching them - but through exhaustion fell asleep once more. When I awake it was morning again. It was all so dreamlike but fortunately the pictures prove that this strange ghost story really did happen!!!




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