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Drunk party girls spooked by ghost and scary orb
Submitted by Madgie Nation




Me and my mates Big Bertha (on the left) and Sussiebells (on the right) were at a dead good party. It was a Halloween party  so that's why we were wearing the silly looking outfits. Anyway we were at the party and having more than out fair share of vodie - if you know what I mean - when Big Bertha turns round and says to me, "Who's the handsome hunk you were dancing with?" "What are you on?" I replied, for I was just dancing by myself at the time ( I do that when there's no good looking guys willing or able to do the honors)

Anyway Big Bertha insisted that there was this guy all dressed in white following me everywhere I went. Well would you believe it ten minutes later I was in the lavies (toilets) when Susiebell let out a scream - at first I thought she was excited to see me but no, she said that there was a guy in the ladies with us. She described him - tall, black hair, sword scar across his face, deadly handsome and wearing a white suit - it was just like Big Bertha had said. the only problem was - I couldn't see him (even with my glasses on) and it wasn't just that I'd drunk half a bottle of vodka. Well it was obvious - he was a ghost! As there was no decent guys I spent the rest of the night dancing with my ghost friend. He seemed to enjoy that. Later I got a friend to take a picture of us all - and as you can clearly see from the orb ( the orb in the white suit I call it) my ghost friend was there with us.

Sadly I've never seen the spooky ghost in white again - but maybe next Halloween - or the next time I have a bottle of vodka all to myself.




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