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petrified ghost shit - eBay auction
This strange auction appeared on eBay during March 2005 - at the time of writing, it had a starting price of $2 with no bids.



My 2 year old son has been having some trouble sleeping the past few months, before he has never had any problem with going to bed, and has always loved to play in the dark for some odd reason. Now he goes to be quietly and sweetly but this changes in minutes to horrible screaming and crying and pounding on his door.  His once warm room has been much colder and he now tries to break his door down to get out. No matter what I do this has been the problem every night. So we decided to set up camp one night to see what is going on.

In his closet there is a closed off door that must of been the former closet, the previous owners decided to make the closet bigger and closed off the original. I never noticed it even until my son started peeling the wall paper around this door that always blended in. We still have not opened the door, and without the aid of ghost busters will likely never do so. Anyway this one particular evening there was noises that are hard to describe coming from the wall of his closet where this door is. At one point the door started to move as if someone was trying to open it. It got  very cold in the room and this small light was hoovering suddenly and that seemed to calm my son.  The door started to move faster and louder, the light suddenly  started flying rapidly in a circle, a thud came and it disappeared. I think what ever is living in the closet scared the poo out of what may be a ghost. By the light of morning we find a few pieces of what looks like poo.

I am not a scientist so I can't say how it happened.  

I know that we have had some really lousy luck running a muck for over a year and a half.  Our former home has drained us ( i think that's where the ghost came from it was creepy there) financially and now spirtually as well. I don't want to get into the whole thing , we all have our sob stories. Mine is too long to put here ( some on about ME) I hope to put it into a best selling novel one day.

So as far as monsters in the closet or ghosts, maybe it is all in our minds. Maybe my sons room is cold because the window's seal is leaking (we keep the heat very low thanks to PSEG but his room was always warm) I can't say, I just am hoping for some good luck for a change. I have heard that if a bird poops on you its lucky so some ghost turds must be super lucky? :) I figure we can't keep them all so why not share them. If anyone out there is having the luck we are I don't wish it on anyone .

I am hoping that sending this out in the universe the tide will change, the monster will leave and the house will be warm again. The winner of the auction gets the my sons drawing ( he's 2 not too bad) and the ghostly evidence as seen in the picture below.  We hope this will give everyone involved good luck, something most people need.  Happy Bidding!




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