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haunted house door for sale- eBay auction
An adorable haunted door for just$100 - a real snip!




Thank you for your interest in this door. With a title like that how could you not be interested? Let me start off by saying I am selling this for someone else, but I have been given more than enough information to answer any questions so Please feel free to ask. This door was purchased in the late 90's by a woman who was getting a new start on her life. Her 25 year marriage had just ended in divorce and this was purchased for the apartment she was moving into. When she got the door it did not really appear to be anything special. It was after the door was hung and she stood back and noticed IT. IT? was the clear and precise image of a figure on the door. She took as a comforting open-armed Spirit that was present to help her adjust to her new life. It was a sign of someone or something that would point her in a positive direction. In a positive direction she went. She moved on, made new friends, stood on her own 2 feet and eventually fell in love and remarried. When the time came that she moved in with her husband she let her daughter move into the apartment with the door. The daughter lived there off and on for the next 3 years approximately. She took the image as Virgin Mary. She felt like the image was there to protect her and her home. Her daughter also claimed that it had a very calming and comforting effect. The damage to the door occurred while she lived there and was somewhat interesting as well. The scrapes that appear showed up during a time when she was depressed and crying a lot. The daughter said it seemed like the door swelled just as her eyes swelled with tears and her heart swelled with sadness. It would get stuck opened, half-opened and sometimes closed due to the swelling. This few month period was the only time the door ever stuck. Over time her daughter found happiness, gained independence and eventually also found love and moved on. All the while the Virgin Mary was protecting and comforting her. Next, the lady let her son and daughter-in-law move into the apartment with the door. Since this is a pocket style door, it was hidden while they were looking at and moving into the apartment. When her daughter-in-law finally noticed the door she immediately hated it! She thought the image was Death or a Ghost. The door was always to be left in the open position so that the image was hidden in the wall. The couple only lived there approximately 6 months and then moved. They actually moved into an apartment where rent was more and it was a longer drive for both of them to work. One of the reasons given for moving was the creepy image on the door. The daughter-in-law still talks about the door at some family events. She still hates it. Well there you have 3 different opinions from 3 different women all in 1 family. I asked the current renter living in the apartment his feelings about the door. His commented that it worked good, blocked the room off and it made for some great conversations. Other than that? "nothing." I looked at the pictures and thought it looked like an alien. I definitely agree with him, the door is a great conversation piece. The woman who owns the door tragically and suddenly lost her husband to a heart attack. After hearing about the success of the grilled cheese sandwich and other auctions here on Ebay, she asked me to list it for her. She hoping to get enough to pay the remainder of the estate bills. I asked her about donating part of the profit to a charity associated with veterans in memory of her husband. He was very patriotic and proud of the service he provided to the United States. She thought it was a wonderful idea. So if this type of item is your type of item please place your bid now. Thanks for taking the time to read the history of this beautiful and interesting piece.




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