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miracle baby's friendly ghost - eBay auction
With a starting price of $10000 you could have a video showing this baby's friendly ghost!.



Sariah The Miracle Child and Her Friends

Watch Ursula's Video Testimony About Her Unusual Gift>

Click play to see Sariah's Video>

Sariah was born a Crack Baby. The Doctors gave her no hope of survival.

The Department of Social Services called me (Ursula Yost, a Foster Mother) and asked if I would take this baby in and that she was a great risk. I accepted and went to the Hospital where the baby had been flown by helicopter.

The baby was two weeks old. When I first saw the baby she was laying there like a dead stick with no movement.

The doctors said that she needed more care than they could give her. According to the monitor that she was on the baby died three times and I massaged her body and gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation and licked her head and ears like a mother dog and each time she came back to life.

I have always been able to see Spirits and Angels around her. On several occasions when I saw them, I took pictures. The Spirits in the picture I identified as my first and second husbands who passed away in our home. The third spirit I don't know who that was. Both of the ghosts of my deceased husbands were in the exact places where they used to love to hang out. One at the corner of the counter in the kitchen and the other in the living room.

The moment my first husband died, his cows started running wild in the pasture like they did with him when he was alive. He used to run through the pasture with them and they ran around with him like pet dogs. It was as though he was running with them in the spirit. They ran around like that for about one hour. There was about 50 people in our home at the time that he died and one said look at those crazy cows and everyone watched them out of our big bay window. That year we had a drought and the moment he died my friend came running into the house and said the grass turned green on a small hill in the pasture. A week before he died he told me that he was never going to leave me and I will always protect you.

Other times the bedroom where my husband died filled up with the smell of the the cigarettes that he used to smoke and pictures flew off of the wall and clocks stopped running. Many people have witnessed this in our home. Three Priests came to bless our home but nothing worked to calm the Spirits.

When I married my third and present husband we sold our home and moved away. Once when the realtor came with prospective buyers to view the home an antique clock flew off of the wall horizontally about six feet and smashed to pieces at the feet of the realtor and buyers. They did not buy our home.

My husband who is a Scientist and did not believe in Spirits and such, was converted to a believer and we sold the home as fast as we could to get out of there.

Sariah had a bad asthma attacks. Once when she had a bad attack and I did not have any medicine so I placed the picture under her pillow and her asthma never came back. On several occasions I have noticed that the picture has healing power.

The picture has been examined by many people including a photography expert and confirmed that the photograph has not been altered in any way. These are good Spirits in the picture and possibly the most authentic picture in existence.





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