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daughters ghost - eBay auction
This strange auction appeared on eBay during March 2005 - an opportunity to buy a little girls ghost!!!




Daughters Ghost+ 5 yr. olds drawing Please Take Away Item number: 5567044194
Description (revised)  

You are bidding on my daughters drawing, a coffee can with a marble inside. In my childrens imagination lives a ghost who's name is "I Don't Know". I Don't know has to go!!!


" I Don't Know" is quite a handful. This imaginary ghost leaves doors open, toys on the floor, food on the table and messes up my daughters room all the time. My daughters ages 10, 8 and 5 tell me all the time that " I Don't Know" did it. I Don't has to go!!!

After my kids saw the news about a little girl who has a monster under her bed, they decided that we should catch "I Don't Know" and sell her on ebay so some one else can have her. My daughters are hoping to raise enough money so they can buy an American Idiol barbie for them to share.  They made peanut butter crackers and put them on the floor next to the maxwell house coffee can before they went to bed. Low and Behold in the morning when they came downstairs the lid was on and "I Don't Know" was trapped inside (actually it is a marble, but they are afraid of the rattling noise). My 5 year on, Cassidy drew a picture of what our family ghost looks like.

Now the funny part of this story is Since we caught our imaginary ghost, my daughters DO NOT blame "I Don't Know" anymore, because she is stuck (and tapped) inside the coffee can. How funny is that!!!

The Winning bidder is actually bidding on a 2lb 2.5 oz Maxwell House taped coffee can, a marble, and a drawing done by my 5 year old (signed on back).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email. Be sure to check out my other auctions, I combine shipping!

SHIPPING IS FREE IF AUCTION HAPPENS TO GO OVER $5.00.  International bidders please email for shipping quote. 

Thank you

Since this was my girls idea, and they are willing to give up saying "I Don't know" did it, they will keep all money earned. Their goal is to buy an American Idiol barbie to share.

Please bid on this for them!! They are such good girls, they really do deserve this!

Thank you again for your bids!

This is unbelievable, My 8 year old ate a candy bar and hid the wrapper, I asked who ate it and she asked me if " I don't Know was still in the can? I stated yes and then she told me that she ate it. how cute is that! I just wanted to share that with anyone looking at this auction.

Thanks again!



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