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The best collection of ghost stories on the internet. Superb scary, true ghost stories plus a selection of fictional ghost stories and poems.

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Ghost Poems Click on title to view
Boo - Stuart Macfarlane
Boo Forever - Richard Brautigan
Dialogue Between Ghost And Priest Sylvia Plath
Crazy Jane And Jack The Journeyman - William Butler Yeats
Ghosts - Fannie Stearns Davis
Ghost House - Robert Frost
Ghost Shadow - Joseph Mayo Wristen
Hallowe'en - John Kendrick Bangs
Hallowe'en - Joel Benton
Haunted House - Edwin Arlington Robinson
Hauntings - Rupert Brooke
Tam O'Shanter - Rabbie Burns
The Apparition - John Donne
The Damned Robert William Service
The Ghosts - Robert William Service
The Ghost of Goshen - Anonymous
The Ghost Of Roger Casement - William Butler Yeats
The Ghost of the Murderer's Hut - Andrew Barton Paterson
The Haunted Oak - Paul Laurence Dunbar
The Hell Bound Train - anonymous
The Holy Ghost Samuel Greenberg
The House with Nobody in It - Joyce Kilmer
The Only Ghost I Ever Saw - Emily Dickinson
One Need Not Be A Chamber To Be Haunted - Emily Dickinson
Socrates Ghost Must Haunt Me Now - Delmore Schwartz
The Little Ghost Edna St Vincent Millay
What the Ghost of the Gambler Said -Vachel Lindsay


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